Roberto Petroli solo

Let yourself be carried away from the extraordinary talents of this musician. The magic notes of Roberto's clarinet, his soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones will turn your evening into an unforgettable moment.  Jazz, smooth jazz, chill out, funk, pop, canzone italiana, salsa, latin... music for every taste masterly played by Roberto in his solo-act


A musical journey through dreamlands: the elegance of Stefania Verità's cello plays hand-in-hand with the warmth of Roberto's clarinet sound to create a delicate dialogue that will enchant you during your Aperos, Galas, Parties.

Petroli / Di Maio

From Morricone to Sinatra: Roberto Petroli with Gianvito di Maio on keyboards, creates an explosive atmosphere in an unforgettable event. 

Roberto Petroli: clarinet, sax

Gianvito di Maio: piano / keyboard /voice

Roberto Petroli Trio

Diversity and contrasts characterize the trio of the Italian musician Roberto Petroli. The Bari-born clarinettist and saxophonist is a musical globetrotter who feels at home in many styles. There is a love of classical music on the one hand, a passion for jazz on the other - and a longing for the sounds of his homeland southern Italy. All these are sources of his inspiration. With Roberto Petroli, sounds form into paintings, lively rhythms turn into fireworks of temperament and dynamics, and thanks to his virtuosity he conjures up imaginative improvisations again and again. Together with Stefania Verità and Gianvito di Maio, the most diverse musical worlds merge and colourful sound images emerge. The two fellow musicians, like the band leader, are well versed in many musical styles and contribute to the diversity of this line-up. This trio can hardly be classified stylistically - and it wants to remain just as indescribable. They make music at the highest level and like to take their audience on magical journeys.

Roberto Petroli: clarinet, saxophones

Stefania Verità: Cello & Electric cello

Gianvito di Maio: Piano / Keyboard/ voice